What To Do If Avast VPN Not Working: 3 Tried And Tested Solutions

What To Do If Avast VPN Not Working: 3 Tried And Tested Solutions

Avast has been one of the most recommended online security software in the world for a very long time. In addition to really powerful antiviruses, it also has a reliable VPN app. While it usually runs smoothly, you still may experience some issues. What to do if Avast VPN not working?

If you want to get an answer to this question, we are here to help. Check out this comprehensive guide to make sure you know everything about potential issues with VPN and how to fix them in a matter of seconds.

Why the VPN service isn’t working

If you want to know how to deal with Avast VPN issues, you need to know why they happen. While the problems with Avast VPN occur from time to time, there are only several reasons why it happens. We are going to list them one by one.

  • Issues with your Internet connection

It is quite obvious, but we need to mention it. If you have troubles with your web connection, your VPN client won’t operate correctly.

  • Installation problems

Although Avast is super easy to download and install, you may experience problems at this stage. If you haven’t set up the VPN app correctly, it won’t work.

  • Interference problems

In some cases, Avast VPN doesn’t work properly because of interference with other programs and apps on your machine.

  • Location issues

Avast gives you an opportunity to select the location of your choice, but if the chosen server is busy, you won’t be able to run your VPN correctly.

  • Problems with your subscription

You need to have a valid subscription to take advantage of the VPN app. It won’t work if the license has expired.

What to do if Avast VPN isn’t working

If you have questions or experience problems with Avast, you can contact the customer care staff to get assistance. However, you can try to handle the issues with Avast VPN by yourself. Here is what can be done if your VPN from Avast is not working.

Solution 1: Select another VPN location

Avast provides its customers with an additional feature when you are able to choose the VPN location manually. However, if many users select the same VPN servers, they become overloaded or unresponsive due to too much traffic.

Solution 2: Connection

When your Internet doesn’t work correctly, your Avast VPN won’t work too. Check your router. Switch it off and wait for one minute before plugging back in. This trick will help you to clear the temporary settings.

Solution 3: Subscription

Last but not least, you must have an active license. If you think that something is wrong with your Avast account, visit the official website to see if your subscription is okay.


Avast VPN is s marvelous app that can be beneficial for those who are looking for more privacy on the Internet. Here are several fixes for the most common Avast VPN problems. Try them before reaching the customer care team.