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Top Best VPN for Kodi: Watch Without Limits

Kodi is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android) open-source multimedia center that allows you to watch videos, DVDs and Blu-ray, view photos, listen to music, watch TV and streaming video, thus turning your PC into a full-fledged Home Theater (HTPC – Home Theater PC).

This is one of the most popular players in the world, but Kodi has a slight problem. In some countries, it is not available. This problem, however, has a solution. A selection of the best free Kodi VPNs, which we will talk about now.


This is a free VPN service that provides free access to any site that interests you, using high-level encryption. This is one of the best options for Kodi, because the service provides an uninterrupted connection, with no traffic limit.

And if you are afraid of your data, the NAT firewall will be on guard of your information security. In general, this is one of the freest and convenient VPNs that provides a 7-day trial period with the provision of all services.

ZenMate’s free VPN service is the least user-restrictive option, both in terms of working with Kodi and for everyday use. Account management is possible through any browser convenient for you, just download the extension.


One of the most thoughtful VPNs today is also considered ProtonVPN, created by Swiss developers. In fact, this is a set of reliable tools that provides a safe and reliable service, without the risk of data leakage, because ProtonVPN has such options as:

  • Keyless Encryption Policy
  • The secure Core technology that redirects traffic to other servers
  • AES-256 encryption with the exchange of 2041-bit RSA keys
  • emergency power-off function (for mobile devices)

Even if you can’t buy the premium version, the free version will not disappoint you. Unlimited traffic will be available to you, which allows you to watch the video without restrictions. The only limitation is only 3 virtual directions.

Hideman VPN

If some VPN services provide a free version for a certain time (month or week), then Hideman has a different limit for the provision of free services, namely for 7 hours a month and for an additional hour per day.

Of course, this does not allow you to watch streams or entire seasons of TV shows at a time, but it allows you to freely watch some short video.

This VPN seems to know what a user wants to use this for Kodi needs. The service has super-high speeds, reliable data encryption, and excellent protection performance.

The properties and advantages of this service include:

  • compatibility with more than 55 locations in more than 30 countries
  • the best available location function
  • 2 GB unlimited
  • 14 day trial period
  • strong encryption technology

This is a good solution if you want to watch any small streams or videos for free. If you need something more, you can buy a paid version.


This is one of the most generous, fast and reliable VPN services for Kody, if only because it provides about 10 GB per month. It would seem that it could be better? But this VPN also has its own characteristics like the inability to resist locks.

Also, users will have access to other impressive features – for example, the ability to block ads and trackers, available directly in the browser extension of the service.

Otherwise, this is a great tool for watching videos and enjoying unlimited internet.