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Backpacks for Dogs: Expert Opinion

Dog backpack – what is it? Another fashion accessory or a really useful thing. The benefits of such a thing are not exaggerated. A backpack can be a useful purchase for a dog if it often travels with you. Or you are the owner of a small chihuahua, for example, and you need a bag to make the baby feel more comfortable. We thought about the benefits and features of such products in our dog backpacks review by Pet Store.

About the benefits of a backpack

Let’s reason logically. A backpack for dogs of large and medium breeds is a perfectly acceptable and convenient thing for the owner. So, going on a long walk, you can put some things in your backpack or bag: your favorite toys, some water, bedding, a couple of sandwiches, but whatever your heart desires.

Perhaps a miniature backpack can be worn on a toy terrier, but here, of course, you can’t put anything significant. Only if for decorative purposes, so, a fashion accessory. Well, if only to put the cutie herself in your backpack. So it will be easier and calmer for everyone.

To help the traveler

A dog backpack can be useful for travel enthusiasts. On foot, for example, or on bicycles, and any trip you can share part of the load with your friend. On a large dog, you can put on a comfortable backpack and put everything you need on the way for the animal. And you do not need to carry, and luggage under supervision. It makes sense to use backpacks and on trips to the market or shopping. He made the necessary purchases and entrusted part of the burden to his dog.

The dog backpack takes on special meaning for service breeds. This is simply a necessary thing for rescue dogs, which are used in search and rescue activities, especially in the mountains. In such a backpack, there is sometimes the only salvation for a person in distress. As one of the most striking examples, we can recall the orderlies dogs with a bag with a red cross, which was actively used in the Second World War. Everyone knows that already in the 19th century, monks from the monastery of St. Bernard tied dogs of the same breed to the neck of a barrel of rum and sent them to a snowstorm in search of lost travelers.

What to consider when choosing a backpack for a dog

When choosing a backpack for your dog, make accurate measurements, especially if you are not able to try on purchase immediately on the spot. Please note the following:

  1. The straps of the backpack should be soft, wide and not rub the body of the animal, not hamper the movements.
  2. The backpack should fit snugly against the back without moving in different directions.
  3. Any fabric can be used, but it is better to choose waterproof.

Ensure that all belts are adjustable.

How to use a dog backpack

To have a backpack, usually, in the form of two bags, it is necessary symmetrically. Do not try to make a pack animal out of your dog, the weight of the contents of the backpack should not exceed 10% by weight of the animal.

If you liked this idea, look for quality backpacks for dogs. Accustom your pet to a new thing gradually, do not force him if the dog is categorically against wearing something incomprehensible on his hump. If you have a puppy, then the backpack should be empty for a long time, you can add something there only taking into account age and weight. As a rule, there are almost no problems with addiction. Most dogs love to wear something, and if even the beloved owner praises it with benefit, then, in general, beauty. Smart dogs quickly realize that a backpack means going for a long walk.